There are 5 science units in grade three.  The links below are organized in the order of instruction in my classroom.

1. Hearing & Sound
2. Testing Materials & Designs

3. Building with a Variety of Materials

4. Animal Life Cycles
FinS (Fish In School)

FinS Videos 
Where Do Our FinS Fish Come From and the Life Cycle of a Rainbow Trout 
This webinar was recorded February 13, 2017. It talks about how the FinS fish eggs are fertilized at the brood stations, how they arrive at Bow Habitat Station as well as the characteristics and needs of all four life cycle stages of a Rainbow Trout.

Invasive Species 

This webinar was recorded on March 13, 2017. Joined by Janine Higgins, Community Engagement Lead, with the government of Alberta we learned about what invasive species are and the goldfish invasion in Alberta!

5. Rocks & Minerals

Rocks & Soils
Rocks and Soils(BBC)